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What Is Heating Oil?

Written on: October 10, 2022

Discover the benefits of today’s improved heating oil

about heating oil new hampshireDo you heat your home with heating oil? If so, you know it can’t be beat for home heating! One reason is that no other fuel gets your home warm faster than heating oil.

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Here’s some more information about heating oil.

What is heating oil?

No. 2 heating oil and diesel fuels are distillates that have been produced from crude oil and have a low viscosity. While No. 2 heating oil has a nearly identical chemical makeup as diesel fuels, they are used for different purposes.

Because consumers use No. 2 heating oil to heat their houses rather than on-road transportation, it is not subject to the federal excise tax. Thus, it is dyed red – like off-road diesel fuel, which is also untaxed – to distinguish it from taxed on-road diesel fuel.

No. 2 heating oil is frequently referred to as home heating oil or fuel oil so that it does not get confused with diesel fuel.

No. 2 heating oil, as with diesel fuel, has a winterized option called winter blend. This mixture of No. 2 and No. 1 heating oils is less likely to gel in freezing temperatures and will run more smoothly in your furnace. You may sometimes see this winter blend called kerosene mix.

Is today’s heating oil different than it used to be?

The heating oil Johnny Prescott delivers to your New Hampshire home isn’t the same kind of heating oil that your parents and grandparents used.

The heating oil industry has been working hard to create a cleaner burning product that is more environmentally friendly as part of its goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. This has led to some dramatic changes in the last few decades.

The biggest change in recent years has been the introduction of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). Since 2018, all heating oil delivered in New Hampshire must be ULSHO, meaning that it must have 15 parts per million (PPM) or less sulfur content. Traditional No. 2 heating oil contains an average of 4,000 ppm.

The lowering of sulfur in ULSHO provides a host of advantages. First and foremost, as the world works to combat climate change, greenhouse gas emissions are significantly lower than traditional heating oil, making it much better for the environment.

Not only is lower sulfur content better for the environment, but it can also help you save money on your winter heating costs. When there is less sulfur in heating oil, furnaces and boilers are able to operate more efficiently. Because sulfur is reduced, fewer deposits are left on heat exchangers in your furnace or boiler. Thanks to that, wear and tear on your heating system is reduced, helping it run more smoothly with fewer breakdowns and a longer life expectancy.

This is just the beginning of the advances as the heating oil industry continues its environmental protection efforts. The use of biodiesels, made from renewable resources such as plant oils and algae, can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil while also helping heating oil to be even cleaner burning.

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