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Heating Installation, Service and Repair Near Concord, NH

equipment services

Let us assist you with the heating equipment in your New Hampshire home!

When you get your fuel from Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane, we’ll always be there for you—and you’ll never be left out in the cold. In addition to delivering home-heating fuels, including heating oil and propane, we service the equipment that works hard each day to keep your home comfortable. Our team of reliable, helpful service technicians will assess and diagnose any issues they find so that you can make an educated decision about your equipment. They will help you every step of the way.

Heating Installation

How old is your boiler or furnace? If it’s over 15 years old, it’s working on borrowed time and has probably lost much of its efficiency. You are likely missing out on efficient technologies that can lower your fuel consumption and keep you more comfortable all winter.

With the high-efficiency heating systems we sell and install, you’ll get more warmth from every gallon of heating oil and propane. You can count on us to identify the perfect system for your home and install it promptly and safely. We can also help save you money on installation with rebates and other incentives.

Heating Service

When you trust Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane as your home heating provider, you have a partner for the long term. We provide routine service for your boiler or furnace to ensure it runs efficiently for years to come. Talk to us about heating service to improve your system performance and extend your service life.

Heating Repair

The unexpected can happen. That’s just a fact of life. But if your boiler or furnace unexpectedly needs a repair, Prescott’s team has the skills, experience and dedication to fix the issue right away.

If your boiler or furnace has stopped producing heat, try these troubleshooting tips! A few minutes of troubleshooting can save you time and money! Of course, if you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, or if our suggestions do not solve the problem, we will send a technician out.

Turn to Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane for all of your heating oil, propane and equipment needs!

Water heaters

Your water heater is an important part of your household and critical to your comfort. Our team handles maintenance, repairs and installations. Learn more about how we can help you with a water heater, whether it’s indirect-fired or oil-fired.

Hookups & installations

We take care of installing gas lines and hooking up appliances, including patio and pool heaters; hearth products, including propane fireplaces and stoves; and backup generators.

Rebates & incentives

Get money back when you upgrade or switch to qualifying equipment. See what important savings Energy Star®-rated and Rinnai equipment can bring with your next purchase!

Become a customer or contact us today with your questions! Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane makes it easy!

Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between a boiler and a furnace?

A furnace heats air and distributes it with a blower fan through ducts and into your living spaces. A boiler heats water and transfers either steam or hot water to radiators or other radiant heating systems via your home’s plumbing.

Q: What does AFUE mean?

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It measures how efficiently a heating system converts fuel to heat. You can think of it as similar to your car’s miles-per-gallon rating. The higher the AFUE rating, the more energy-efficient the heating system.

Q: How often should you service your heating system?

Most manufacturers’ warranties require you to have your heating system serviced once a year. We recommend contacting us for an annual tune-up to keep your equipment protection in place. We also recommend regular service to keep your boiler or furnace running efficiently. Our heating experts can tell you what time-table is best for your home.