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Prescott’s is the Best Value Oil & Propane Company

Price per gallon isn’t the most crucial factor.

Best Value in Heating Oil & Propane

Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane is an excellent choice for heating oil and propane, especially when you consider the following:

Did you find the lowest price for heating oil or propane!?

Maybe that’s us since our cash price for home heating oil is currently $3.799! For a propane quote, click here. Regardless, only considering a low cost per gallon for fuel oil or a promotional offer might seem to save money initially but watch out for unreliable, inefficient, or nonexistent service. Shopping around for fuel, jumping from one company to another, might save you $25-50/year but could cost you $100’s or $1,000’s in poor service experiences. Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane is always prepared, available, and capable of providing critical services during subzero winter nights and other severe New England weather developments. Without a reliable company, these situations can turn into expensive problems and put the wellbeing of your home and family in jeopardy. In addition to competitively priced fuel, we also have qualified technicians, responsive customer service, and are reliable. This combination pays dividends for our customers and has created the best long-term value in the Concord, NH area since 1940.

Our Fuel Customers Get The Following Services:

Access to Quality Emergency Service

We only offer emergency service to our regular fuel customers. We understand all these situations, no heat, water leaks, or heating systems not coming on, and we’ll help you get through them. To prevent fuel run-outs, we do recommend you get on our automatic fuel delivery program. Our service vans are stocked with replacement parts, and professional heating technicians are ready to solve your problem. – which is the best use of our time and your money. We are focused on getting your heating system back up and running efficiently and safely.

Regular Service & Installs

Regular services like tune-ups, upgrades, tank replacements, and installations are all necessary and proactive heating services that help keep your system running year-round. Standard service supports heating systems running efficiently and reduces the likelihood of emergency no heat situations, allowing our customers to use less fuel and save money. You do not have to worry about us trying to sell a new heating system even when a routine fix will keep your system running for years to come.

Reliable Fuel Delivery

A careful and considerate driver delivers all our fuel on a well-maintained truck. We factor in safety and your personal property on every delivery and work hard to understand how your location best fits into our delivery routes. We store your fuel in our clean, state of the art, storage facility which ensures the fuel retains its beneficial qualities from the refining process. Clean fuel helps keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently.

Direct Customer Service

We do not use a phone answering service and answer our phones and messages, even outside regular business hours. You’re always going to get the best advice the first time and less time on the phone.

Summary of why Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane is the best overall value:

Turn to Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane for all of your heating oil, propane and equipment needs!

Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane is proud to be headquartered in Concord, NH