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Boilers & Furnaces

Expert boiler and furnace repair and installation in New Hampshire

Whether you have a boiler or a furnace, Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane can help with all of your needs. If you’re looking for a tune-up, a repair or a cleaning, we are here for you. We make our repair and service offerings available to all of our current customers, and we also do installations.

Here at Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane, we’re always thinking about new technologies to help promote energy efficiency and conservation. We provide professional boiler installation and furnace installation to homeowners throughout our service area.

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Boilers vs. furnaces: What’s the difference?

In short, the main difference between a boiler and a furnace is the way they distribute heat. A boiler heats up water, and then its circulator pumps that water through a system of pipes. The hot water gets distributed to baseboards, radiators or an air handler in your home. A furnace heats the air itself.

The importance of tune-ups and ongoing maintenance

Taking good care of your propane or heating-oil furnace or boiler is a critical part of caring for your home-comfort system. Our dependable team of expert technicians uses tune-ups as an opportunity to catch minor issues before they become major issues. They’ll take care of any necessary repairs on your heating-oil or propane boiler or furnace and get it into the best possible overall shape to run efficiently and to keep your home warm.

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boilers and furnaces

Annual tune-ups offer the following benefits:

Maintenance on your heating system can happen any time of year

Once heating season is over, you may feel it’s time to walk away from your heating system and never look back (until next winter), but this time of year is actually ideal for a tune-up. You can schedule your annual tune-up during the spring or summer with minimal competition for good appointment times.

A spring or summer tune-up also ensures that your heating-oil or propane furnace or boiler will be ready to go with plenty of time before the next heating season. And not to worry—a tune-up doesn’t “wear off,” so whenever you have it done, it will last until the next heating season just fine.

If you’re looking for boiler or furnace repair, tune-ups or installation for your home in Contoocook, Allenstown, Pembroke or the surrounding area, please contact us!