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Propane Pricing & Payment Options

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Turn to Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane for pricing and payment options that work for you

Each of our customers is unique, and there’s no single pricing or payment plan that will work for everyone. We’re proud to offer a range of options and happy to offer you assistance with any questions or concerns you may have as you select a plan. Here’s a look at our propane pricing and payment options:

Propane pricing options

Budget: Our Budget plan starts every July, and runs over the course of 11 months. To figure out your payments, we split your estimated heating costs for the year into 11 installments. Then you make one low payment each month, rather than getting hit with big bills during the times of year with more extreme weather.

Price Cap: When you enroll in our Price Cap plan, we purchase a predetermined amount of propane for you at a set, capped price, plus a small fee, which secures the price. You’re guaranteed that your cost will never exceed this amount, BUT if the cost drops, you pay the lower price!

PreBuy: With our PreBuy plan, you pay for your propane in the summer at a set price, and then we’ll deliver it to you as needed once your heat is running.

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Propane payment options

AutoPay: Enroll in AutoPay and you’ll never miss a propane bill again. Just set it up once, and you can forget all about it. We’ll take deductions from an authorized credit or through an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Contact us and we’ll set up AutoPay for your propane payments today!

My Account: See your statements, pay online, and take care of whatever you need within your account!

Delivery options

Automatic Delivery: We estimate the timing of your propane delivery based on your usage and on weather patterns. With this free service, you’re guaranteed peace of mind and no run-outs!

Will-Call: If you would rather call to schedule your propane delivery, we can accommodate that as well! Please let us know that it’s time for a delivery before your tank gets down to 30%.

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If you have questions about your propane pricing and payment options from Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane, just let us know! From Canterbury to Pembroke to Loudon and beyond, our reliable team is happy to help!