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Tips for Winter Propane & Heating Oil Delivery

Written on: January 16, 2023

Make sure that Johnny Prescott can deliver your fuel!

fuel delivery new hampshire Wintertime here in New Hampshire can be pretty magical.

We have some of the best skiing in the country, whether you do downhill or cross-country skiing, right outside our doors. You can go ice fishing on our lakes, hit the trails for snowmobiling or snowshoeing, or stay home and watch from the warmth of your living room while the kids build snowmen and snow forts outside.

One thing on your winter to-do list you may not enjoy is clearing the driveway and walkways around your home. But it is essential, especially for your heating oil delivery and/or propane delivery. If the Johnny Prescott delivery driver cannot safely get down your driveway or to your fuel tank, we will unfortunately not be able to deliver the heating oil or propane you need for your home’s safety and comfort.

To ensure our delivery drivers can safely deliver your fuel, we request that customers clear their driveways to a width of 10 feet or more. Sloping driveways can be a challenge for our heavy trucks but applying de-icer and/or sand before we arrive will make the delivery much easier. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Once our delivery driver is down your driveway, we’ll need to get to your propane tank or your heating oil tank’s fill line.

A path of at least one foot in width must be maintained from the driveway to the fuel tank or fill line location. If you hire someone for snow removal, ensure that they are conscious of exactly where your storage tank or fill pipe is located so that any piles of snow produced by their plowing do not create an obstruction.

Place a tall pole topped with a brightly colored flag or ribbon next to your fuel tank or fill line to let our delivery driver know its location even if snow is piled around it.

If you’re planning a winter vacation, it’s essential that you set up arrangements for snow and ice removal beforehand in the event of a required heating oil or propane delivery while away. Does your driveway or the path to your fuel tank have a locked gate? Please be sure to have someone on hand to unlock it if we need to make a fuel delivery during your vacation.

Automatic Delivery customers are asked to let Johnny Prescott know if they are going to be away for more than a week at a time during the winter. This is because our calculations for when you will need a fuel delivery are partially based on your propane or heating oil usage. Informing us of your plans may prevent an unnecessary delivery to your home.

Protect your fuel tank

If you have an outdoor heating oil tank or an aboveground propane tank, sweep away the accumulation of snow with a broom. Never use a shovel for this task as this might cause harm to the tank or its components.  

This task is essential, as excessive snow accumulation can put tremendous pressure on your tank which may lead to cracks and misalignments, as well as potentially dangerous fuel leaks.

Keeping your tank clear of snow is especially important if you have propane. Propane shrinks in the cold. If the temperature in your tank gets too low, the propane pressure may get so low that the propane cannot reach your home’s gas burners. Removing any snow or ice from your propane tank allows the sunlight to keep the propane in your tank warm, thereby maintaining the necessary pressure levels to heat your home. An accumulation of snow on top of the tank can prevent sunlight from warming the propane.

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