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Why Should I Sign Up For Automatic Delivery?

Written on: September 5, 2022

Get peace of mind with Johnny Prescott!

fuel delivery new hampshireFor more than 80 years, Johnny Prescott has been serving New Hampshire with reliable fuel delivery. We take pride in our reputation for dependability and responsiveness in taking care of our neighbors.

That is why we offer Automatic Delivery to our customers. It helps us to serve you better by making sure you always have heating oil or propane without worries about checking your tank gauge regularly or running out of fuel.

How does Automatic Delivery work?

Johnny Prescott accurately predicts when you will need more heating oil or propane by utilizing the latest technology and a tried-and-true method of calculation. Our computer algorithms use your fuel usage history, real-time temperatures, and weather patterns to calculate when your tank will be 30% full.

We schedule your fuel delivery based on that data, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of propane or heating oil. No more heading out in the cold or wet to check your tank gauge levels, no more having to contact us to request a delivery. Your work is done!

We take your fuel usage history into account when we calculate Automatic Delivery, so it’s critical that you let us know about anything that would significantly change how much propane or heating oil you use. Examples of this include:

What happens if you run out of heating oil or propane?

If you run out of heating oil, your heating system won’t work, and your house could become dangerously cold.

A heating oil run-out can also damage your heating system. Heating oil sludge could be sucked from the bottom of your heating oil tank, which can clog the oil filter and damage the oil line. You may end up needing to have the oil line bled and the filter replaced, which is an additional cost on top of the emergency heating oil delivery.

The problem with using Will-Call for your propane delivery is that if you forget to check your tank gauge, you could end up running out of propane. A propane run-out can’t be fixed by simply refilling your propane tank. You’re facing inconvenience and extra expenses.

If you need an emergency propane delivery, there will be an added fee. A pressure test on your gas lines to check for leaks in the piping is required and that cost is on you. You are also required to have a professional service technician re-light the pilots in all of your propane appliances, yet another bill you must pay.

Automatic delivery eliminates these hassles and costs.

Become a Johnny Prescott Automatic Delivery customer for peace of mind about your heating oil or propane supply!