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What’s So Great About Propane?

Written on: May 15, 2023

Get the propane service you can count on with Johnny Prescott!

propane benefits Concord, nh Have you been noticing more and more homes in your New Hampshire community are converting to propane? There are many good reasons for that!

Your neighbors are discovering all the benefits that propane has to offer, including energy efficiency, security, and environmental friendliness while enjoying elevated comfort in their homes.

You can get those benefits of propane as well, thanks to dependable propane delivery and equipment service from Johnny Prescott! Our Automatic Delivery makes having propane in your home easy.

Save money on energy costs with propane

Propane is an excellent choice for maximizing your energy efficiency. Modern propane furnaces and boilers are highly efficient, with some models boasting an average efficiency of 98%. This means that only 2% of the propane is lost during combustion.

Using propane appliances can help you save money and energy. For example, a propane water heater can heat over twice the amount of water than an electric one in the same time frame and can reduce your water heating energy expenses by 30%. If you switch to a propane tankless water heater, you can save even more.

Propane makes your home better

In addition to being energy efficient and cost-effective, propane provides other advantages such as precise temperature control while cooking and a clothes dryer that dries clothes 25% faster than electric dryers. A propane fireplace can keep your home warm and comfortable without any effort needed. Additionally, you can ensure your home remains safe and comfortable during power outages by using a propane whole-house standby generator.

Using propane can transform your backyard into an enjoyable and peaceful spot for your loved ones and guests. Consider getting a propane grill if you want an outdoor grill that will simplify your cooking during the week and on weekends. Additionally, if you plan to get a pool or spa, keep in mind that propane heaters can warm water much faster than electric heaters and have better energy efficiency.

Propane is better for the environment

How can we balance global energy needs with the goal of a low-carbon future?

Propane is a great option as a home energy source because it’s environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It can help you reduce your environmental impact while keeping you comfortable.

Did you know that propane is a listed alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and 1992 National Energy Policy. Propane burns clean, creating zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Enjoy the benefits of propane wherever you live!

You don’t have to worry about the location of your home to enjoy the benefits of propane, as the propane supply is stored in your own tank, and you can count on Johnny Prescott for reliable delivery.
Propane has a major advantage over natural gas since you don’t need a gas utility’s lines in your neighborhood to access it. With propane, there’s no need to rely on the infrastructure of natural gas utilities and worry about losing service due to an unforeseen issue. This means you’ll always have the fuel you need for heating, water heating, cooking, and more.

Get all that propane has to offer for your New Hampshire home! Become a Johnny Prescott customer today.