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Tune Up Your Heating System This Spring!

Written on: April 3, 2023

Johnny Prescott helps you get peace of mind

heating tune-up Concord, NH With spring finally here in New Hampshire, you are likely very excited that it’s almost time to give your home’s heating system its annual summer vacation.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get your heating system in top shape with Johnny Prescott’s annual tune-up service!

We can understand if this doesn’t make sense to you.

“Why would I need an HVAC tune-up when winter is done and I won’t be using my heating system again until the fall?” you are likely asking.

Investing in an early spring tune-up for your furnace or boiler can provide a plethora of benefits, making it well worth considering.

The advantages of a heating system tune-up

In the HVAC industry, this time of year is known as “shoulder season” due to a decrease in service requests for boilers and furnaces before air conditioning season commences.

Our service team thus has more openings and more flexible scheduling, so you can easily arrange for your heating system check-up at a suitable time. Additionally, any issues that appear during the assessment will be dealt with promptly!

Take advantage of a tune-up on your boiler or furnace now and not only will you save yourself the headache of booking one during rush season, but it’ll also make sure that it’s up and running when temperatures drop. Proactively keeping up with regular maintenance now will ensure that you don’t get blindsided by unanticipated cold temperatures early in the fall!

Why HVAC tune-ups matter

Taking the initiative to get regular, professional servicing for your heating system is a wise decision with multiple advantages. Here are just some of them!

Prevent breakdowns. Regular maintenance of your furnace or boiler is not only prudent, but also cost-effective: more than 80% of heating system repairs can be avoided with an annual tune-up. Save yourself from expensive repair bills by relying on the expertise of Johnny Prescott’s service technicians. Not only will they keep your heating system in tip-top shape with a comprehensive tune-up, but also pinpoint and address minor issues before they grow into costly disasters.

Keep your energy costs under control. With the correct upkeep of your heating system, you can enjoy optimal comfort in your home and also save energy. This improved energy efficiency allows you to keep more money in your pocket as winter heating bills are greatly reduced!

Protect your investment. It’s essential to prioritize the maintenance of your heating system since it is a considerable investment in both comfort and safety for your home. Not only does regular upkeep make it run more efficiently, but also reduces the chances of breakdowns, which can help your furnace or boiler last longer. Put in effort now to maintain your machine and enjoy the most out of it, rather than replacing it too soon.

Keep the warranty good. Many heating system manufacturers require you to get a professional tune-up annually to keep the equipment’s warranty in effect. Protect your investment and save yourself from a hefty financial setback thanks to a voided warranty by keeping up with routine maintenance. Don’t let negligence be costly!

Take advantage of shoulder season and get your home heating system tune-up done so one less thing is off your to-do list! Contact us today to schedule it.