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Making Your Winter Fuel Delivery A Success

Written on: January 10, 2022

Ensure Johnny Prescott can deliver your heating oil and propane!

ready for delivery new hampshireWinter has arrived here in greater Concord, which means winter storms aren’t far behind.

There are three things you need to do during winter weather so that we can make deliveries of propane and heating oil to your home.

Make sure we can deliver your fuel

We understand that shoveling your driveway and walkways after a winter storm is not something you look forward to. However, if our heating oil and delivery trucks can’t get down your driveway or access your heating oil or propane tank safely, we won’t be able to deliver your fuel.

Clear a path wide enough so our drivers can safely navigate the driveway. Your driveway needs to be cleared of snow and ice to a width of around 10 feet down to the pavement and salted or sanded for extra traction if needed. Salting or sanding is especially important if your driveway is on an incline. Remember, our delivery trucks are bigger and heavier than your car or a package delivery van.

Make sure you know where your propane tank, heating oil tank, or fill line is located and maintain a safe path a minimum of one foot in width from your driveway to that spot. If you hire someone to plow and clear your driveway and walkways, have them keep access to your tank clear and not plowed over or left with a snowbank blocking it.

To mark the location of your tank or fill pipe, use a pole topped with a bright-colored flag or a large ribbon. The pole must be taller than heavy, piled, or drifted snow to be seen above it.

If you’re going to be taking a vacation this winter, make arrangements for snow and ice removal while you are gone.

Keep in touch

Speaking of vacations, if you’re an Automatic Delivery customer and will be gone for more than a few weeks, please let us know. Because we base your delivery schedule on your current fuel usage, this data may avoid a needless delivery to your property.

Protect your fuel tank

After each snowfall, use a broom to clear away snow from your propane tank. Don’t use a shovel or plow near the tank because they can harm the tank or its components. Letting your tank stay covered in snow is not a good idea. The weight of heavy snow may damage fittings and joints, causing them to fail and the entire tank to shift. This can lead to gas leaks. Snow also has the potential to obstruct leaking propane from escaping, resulting in potentially dangerous gas buildup.

Propane shrinks in the cold, and as a result, the pressure in your tank may fall to a point where it can no longer reach your home’s gas burners. Clearing snow off the tank allows the sunlight to warm the propane inside your tank, keeping it at a safe pressure.

It’s also important to keep your outdoor heating oil tank clear of snow and ice. Since your tank is located close to the house, the tank and the ground around it could end up with a coating of ice from a dripping icicle or melting snow from the roof that later refreeze, creating a hazardous situation for our delivery drivers.

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