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Need a Propane Gas Line Hookup?

Written on: June 6, 2022

We’ll take care of all your gas line and propane needs

gas line service new hampshireAre you converting your home to propane? Great choice! You’re choosing a versatile, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly source of energy that will improve the quality of life in your home in several ways.

Johnny Prescott makes having propane in your home easy because we help our customers with every step of converting your home to propane or adding propane appliances. While you may be aware that we provide professional propane tank installation and hassle-free propane tank leasing, there’s much more to what we can do for you when it comes to adding propane to your home!

We also provide propane gas line and appliance installation. We can get the work done correctly whether you’re converting your house to propane or adding new appliances.

We’ve got your propane needs covered

One of the reasons our customers like us is that we are their one-stop-shop for all of their propane needs for their homes.

It begins with our installation service. Once we’ve installed your propane tank, we’ll run the gas lines to your home and to all of your propane appliances. Our skilled and experienced service technicians are all trained to install any kind of gas piping that meets state and local codes. Whether it’s flexible or rigid pipes, we’ll install them correctly and adhere to the highest safety standards.

We sell, install, maintain, and repair propane boilers and furnaces as well as water heaters.

Propane gas lines do not have to run only inside your home. To make your backyard even better, we’ll install propane gas lines to your outdoor propane appliances!

Never worry about an empty propane cylinder putting a halt to your cookout again. Because we can link your home’s propane tank to your propane grill, you’ll never have to worry about running out of propane! You’ll be able to prepare an incredible dinner whenever you want to grill. We can also hook up propane gas lines to your pool and spa heaters, as well as outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and outdoor lighting.

We also can run a propane gas line to your propane whole-house backup generator. Your home will be safe and comfortable during power outages.

Become a Johnny Prescott customer for expert propane gas line installation as well as reliable propane delivery and service!