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Oil Heat Is Still a Great Way to Heat Your Home

Written on: April 1, 2024

Trust Johnny Prescott with all your oil heating needs

oil heat Loudon, NH Heating oil offers an efficient, cost-effective, and often more reliable warmth that’s hard to beat.

Many of your Greater Concord area neighbors know that, thanks to reliable heating oil delivery from Johnny Prescott, along with quality oil-fired furnace and boiler service from our team of skilled and experienced service technicians.

In this comprehensive exploration, we’re going to reaffirm why oil heat is still a great choice. Whether you’re considering your heating options for a new home or looking to reaffirm the value of oil heat in your current one, we will provide you with everything you need to know.

What are the advantages of oil heat?

Oil heating systems have come a long way from the conventional setups of the past. Today’s oil furnaces boast impressive energy efficiency—upwards of 90% in many cases.

This means that most of the fuel burned translates directly into the heat for your home, keeping energy wastage to a minimum. With features like condensing technology, variable-speed motors, and advanced thermostats, modern oil heating is a lean, mean, heating machine.

Cost is a significant factor for any homeowner, and here’s where oil heat can shine. Contrary to popular belief, oil prices have been relatively stable compared to other heating options, thanks in part to global reserves and domestic production. This stability not only helps with budget predictability but also often saves homeowners money over the course of a winter compared to utilities like electric heating.

Heating oil also gives you reliability when you need it most. Picture this: it’s a blustery winter day, and the power goes out. While your electric heating cranks down, oil heat typically remains unaffected, particularly in homes with backup generators. This reliability stems from the infrastructure of local oil suppliers who understand the urgency of delivering in all weather conditions. It’s a peace of mind that comes with keeping your home toasty warm, no matter the season’s fury.

Debunking heating oil myths

As with any long-standing technology, myths abound. It’s time to set the record straight and put the below myths to rest.

Myth #1 – Oil heat is “dirty”: While it’s true that older oil furnaces were not as eco-friendly, advancements have pushed the industry towards better efficiency and lower emissions. Today’s oil heating systems are a far cry from their predecessors, and they continue to improve. The conversion to ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and the addition of biofuels is helping to make heating oil even more cleaner burning.

Myth #2 – Oil heat systems are unsophisticated: This belief often stems from outdated perceptions. Modern oil burners are highly sophisticated, featuring technology that optimizes fuel usage and reduces noise levels. They integrate seamlessly with smart home systems and are often as advanced as their gas or electric counterparts.

Myth #3 – Oil heat Is more expensive in the long run: When analyzing the life cycle cost, including installation, maintenance, and fuel costs, oil heat can often be more cost-effective than gas or electric systems. It’s important to consider the whole picture, not just the bottom line of the monthly energy bills.

How to optimize your oil-fired heating system

An oil heating system can last a homeowner many winters, but only with proper care. Here are some important tips to follow.

Consistent cleaning: Regular cleaning of your oil furnace is key to ensuring it operates at peak efficiency. From the burner to the flue pipe, each component needs attention to prevent poor performance and unwanted breakdowns.

Annual tune-ups from Johnny Prescott: While homeowner cleanings are crucial, annual servicing from our professionals is just as important. A technician can spot issues early, clean hard-to-reach areas, and tune your system to guarantee optimal operation.

With reliable heating oil delivery and expert oil-fired heating service from Johnny Prescott, you can feel secure in keeping your home warm with heating oil! Become a customer today.