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Never Run Out of Fuel

Written on: September 13, 2021

Automatic Delivery gives you peace of mind

fuel delivery new hampshireWith cooler weather approaching, making sure you have enough heating oil or propane to keep your greater Concord home warm, safe, and comfortable is essential.

That’s why so many of our customers choose our Automatic Delivery, where we track your fuel usage and deliver your heating oil or propane when you need it.

If you choose to use Will-Call, the responsibility for managing your fuel supply is on you. Here’s how to track your propane or heating oil supply.

Propane tanks: Go to your propane tank and look for a dial that resembles the speedometer on a car. The numbers on that dial show how full your propane tank is. If the needle is resting at 50, your propane tank is 50% full. We recommend this so that you never have to worry about running out of propane.

Heating oil tanks: Look for the clear plastic tube on the top of the heating oil tank. There are markings on the outside of the tube that looks like numbers you’d find on a car’s fuel gauge: F, ¾, ½, ¼, etc. Inside the tank is a red marker or a float that indicates how much oil is in the tank. If the marker or float is at the bottom of the gauge or isn’t visible, the tank is empty or almost empty. 

Whichever fuel you use, don’t allow your tank level drop below 30% before contacting us to request a delivery.

Forgetting can be an expensive mistake

It’s easy to read your tank gauge. It’s far more difficult remembering to do so on a regular basis. We get it. Life can be hectic, and things may fall through the cracks. But if you neglect to check your fuel tank levels, you face the risk or running low on heating oil or propane and requiring an emergency delivery or, worse, a run-out.

If you run out of propane, you’ll need not only an emergency propane delivery, but also one of our service technicians to come to your home and check the pressure in your propane tank before re-lighting the pilots on all of your propane appliances.

With Automatic Delivery, you won’t have to worry about any of this since we’ll be monitoring your heating oil and/or propane usage for you! Our cutting-edge computer system takes into account your previous fuel use and current weather conditions to predict when you’ll need more. Your fuel is then delivered to you before you run out.

Get no-worries Automatic Delivery from Johnny Prescott. Contact us today to enroll!