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Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full 

Written on: April 18, 2022

Get peace of mind with Johnny Prescott!

heating oil delivery new hampshireMost of us are now looking forward to warmer weather and all the fun that comes with it. Whether it’s weekends at one of New Hampshire’s lakes, hiking, or cookouts with family and friends, there’s a lot to enjoy in spring and summer. But don’t forget to have Johnny Prescott fill your heating oil tank first!

You may be puzzled about this suggestion, but it makes sense to keep your heating oil tank at least half-full in warmer weather for two very good reasons.

Protect your heating oil tank over the summer

One reason a full heating oil tank is a good idea is condensation, which forms in the empty space in your heating oil tank. In the spring and summer, warm days and chilly nights allow condensation to build up faster inside your tank. Condensation is most susceptible to occur in aboveground tanks that are outdoors in an unshaded location.

When your heating oil tank isn’t full, water may condense on the bare walls. Water is denser than heating oil. The condensation will eventually seep down and fall to the bottom of the tank, creating the ideal setting for bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive. Those are transformed into sediment that might cause serious problems for your heating oil tank over time.

Sludge can form from that sediment, and when it enters your fuel lines, it can clog them up and cause your heating system to shut down. Corrosion of your heating oil tank’s inside wall may originate from sediment. That corrosion might cause the tank to fail. You could get stuck with a big bill for cleaning up the spilled oil and replacing your heating oil tank.

When you need heat, you’ll have heat

If you’ve lived any amount of time in New Hampshire, you know that fall cold snaps can happen early. When you fill your heating oil tank now, you’ll be ready no matter when the weather gets cold or hot, because you’ll have enough oil to get you through without needing an emergency heating oil delivery.
You won’t have to try and beat the rush or have to wait on a delivery, in the fall if you fill your heating oil tank now.

This is also time to join our worry-free Automatic Delivery program. We keep track of your heating oil usage and make a delivery before you run low.