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Upgrade Your Heating System in the Summer

Written on: June 20, 2022

Why this off-season move makes sense

heating installation new hampshireHow’d your heating system do this past winter? If your response isn’t positive, it’s time to start planning to replace it.

Johnny Prescott is here to help. We sell and install top-quality furnaces and boilers, as well as provide expert maintenance and repair services.

This time of year is optimal when it comes to upgrading your heating system. Doing it now is easier for you because our service technicians have a more flexible schedule, meaning that you can have the installation done at a time that is most convenient. It also means that your heating system will be installed ahead of the start of the next heating season.

We’ve put together some things to think about as you make this decision.

When is it time to replace a heating system?

Sometimes, furnace or boiler maintenance and repairs are enough to keep your heating system operational. However, there are times when repairs are just throwing good money after bad, and it makes more sound financial sense to replace your heating system.

The skilled equipment pros at Johnny Prescott can help you with this decision. Here are some questions to ask yourself. 

Are you facing more frequent or more expensive repairs? If the expense of repairing an old heating system is more than 50% of the cost of a new one, it’s time to replace it.

Is your heating system making strange noises? Pops, squeals, rattles, or noisy buzzing might all signal trouble with your heating system. Contact us if you heard those noises last winter and we’ll come take a look for you.

Are your heating costs going up and you can’t explain why? Heating costs are subject to yearly variation based on the weather and market conditions. However, if your fuel usage and expenditures have recently changed significantly, you may need to replace your heating system.

Is your home being heated efficiently? If your heating system isn’t delivering heat, is providing less warmth in some rooms than others, or the air coming out of it feels moist, it’s losing power. A Johnny Prescott service technician can help you determine whether repairs or a new heating system are required.

Are you retiring or planning to move soon? If you’re thinking about selling your house in the next two or three years, a new boiler or furnace will improve its appeal to buyers and add to its resale value. Replacing your heating system now is a smart idea if you’re ready to retire because doing so allows you to have more efficient comfort without having to worry about pricey replacements or major repairs when you’ll be on a fixed income.

New heating systems save energy and money

If your heating system is getting on in years, even with regular maintenance, it’s not going to be as efficient as today’s new, high-efficiency furnaces and boilers. 

The advancement of technology has resulted in heating systems becoming extremely efficient. How good are they? They can deliver efficiencies of up to 98 percent! For every dollar you spend on heating fuel, 98% goes toward heating and only 2% to combustion. From the day you switch your new furnace or boiler on, you’ll get a return on your investment in lower heating costs.

Contact us today to get started on upgrading your heating system.