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Do These 3 Things for Your Heating Oil Tank Today

Written on: August 18, 2021

oil tank service new hampshireHeating oil tanks are built to last a long time – but they still need a little love if you want them to run without problems year after year.

Here are three tasks to tackle in the coming weeks to keep your oil storage tank working the way it should heading into the next heating season.

  1. Give it the eyeball test – Pay particular attention to vulnerable parts of your tank, such as the:
    • tank supports and leg brackets – Make sure they are not missing, rusted, buckled, bent, or separating from the tank.
    • tank platform – Look for cracks and other deformities
    • tank body and connectors – Look for rust, warps, dents, weeping or wet spots.
  2. Keep your tank at least half full – When an oil storage tank contains more air than water, condensation (water droplets) forms inside, like the drops on a cold glass on a hot day. This condensation creates two big problems for your heating system: first, damp air encourages bacteria growth in your fuel, which will eventually degrade your heating oil to a thick sludge that will jam your fuel lines and reduce efficiency. Second, water will eventually sink to the bottom of your steel oil tank (since it’s heavier than oil) and corrode it from the inside out – a problem you might not see coming until it’s too late (unless you follow step three below).
  3. Consult with an oil tank expert – If you’re looking for a heating-oil-tank installation, an oil-tank repair or oil-tank maintenance, please reach out to us! Heating oil storage tanks have a long life span, but when it’s time for a new one, we are here to help. Our expert technicians and customer service team will share their knowledge to help customers make the best overall decision for their homes.

Need a new heating oil tank installation in Concord, NH? We can help! Contact Johnny Prescott Heating Oil & Propane today to learn more about heating oil tank installations and heating oil deliveries in the greater Concord area!