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Why Is Heating Maintenance a Job for the Pros?

Written on: February 14, 2022

DIY is not worth the risk

professional HVAC new hampshireHeating your home isn’t cheap. Especially this year.

Keeping your New Hampshire home warm accounts for half of your energy expenses during the winter.

Your heating system is also one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. With that big of an investment and the comfort and safety of your family at stake, why would you trust the maintenance of your heating system to anyone besides an expert professional like the service technicians at Johnny Prescott?

Here’s why maintaining your furnace or boiler is a job best left to the pros.


Your heating system is complex, with several different components and moving parts. And whether it’s heating oil or propane that runs your furnace, those fuels can create carbon monoxide.

When there is a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide in the blood, the oxygen in your red blood cells is replaced by carbon monoxide. If that happens, your brain, heart and lungs are deprived of the oxygen they require to work. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and has no smell, it’s hard to detect. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious injury or death to you, your family and your pets.

Your heating also has electrical components very close to your combustible heating oil or propane.
Trained professionals know how to work with that.

You could damage your furnace

Reading books and watching instructional videos on the internet do not provide you with the necessary information or skills to do proper boiler or furnace maintenance. You also most likely don’t have the appropriate tools.

One thing a skilled service tech like those at Johnny Prescott have that you don’t is the ability to spot issues that might be addressed before they become larger problems.

If you botch this, it is possible that your heating system will break down as a result of the damage. You may end up spending more on repairs than if you had a professional tune-up.

Protect your warranty

If you check your heating system’s manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll almost certainly discover that regular maintenance by a professional service technician is required to keep it in effect.

Attempting a furnace or boiler tune-up yourself, in that case, would be a violation of the warranty. If your warranty is voided, you’re on the hook for any future repairs.

Another reason going with the pros is better: When parts are installed by your heating system service provider, your warranty on those parts may be up to five times longer than if you buy them yourself at a home improvement store.

For quality heating system service, you can count on Johnny Prescott! Contact us when you need your furnace or boiler serviced or repaired.