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Does Your Home Warranty Cover Your Furnace?

Written on: February 6, 2023

Johnny Prescott helps keep your furnace running smoothly!

hvac home warranty concord, nh Your furnace is one of the largest investments in your home, which makes taking good care of it critical not only for your family’s comfort but also your household budget. This is because heating and cooling account for half of your home’s energy costs.

Here at Johnny Prescott, we urge our customers to safeguard their heating systems by investing in some form of coverage. It’s a smart move that can help prevent future issues and save you money! Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover the cost of a furnace replacement, and manufacturers’ warranties may only provide limited coverage for specific parts.

This makes a home warranty a popular choice for many homeowners here in the greater Concord area.

Home warranties: How they work and what they cover

A home warranty is a policy that offers you financial security in regards to your heating system, air conditioning and other major appliances. Homeowners can choose between covering one appliance/system or a bundled policy for multiple appliances. Just like conventional insurance plans, these warranties come with a monthly premium payment. Some of the best-know home warranty providers are American Home Shield, Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty.

Home warranties provide peace of mind, as you are insured for furnace repairs by typical wear and tear, improper installation, or inadequate upkeep. Many plans even offer a parts guarantee on repairs!
Additionally, the ductwork associated with your heating system is typically included in this coverage.
Home warranties do not provide protection against the damage to your devices brought about by natural disasters or accidents.

Johnny Prescott helps protect your furnace

You may know Johnny Prescott for our dependable heating oil and propane delivery. We also install, maintain, and repair furnaces and boilers!

We can help you protect your investment in your furnace with annual maintenance tune-ups and repairs by our team of skilled and experienced service technicians.

Regular professional maintenance is essential for your furnace. First, it keeps your furnace running at its peak performance and energy efficiency, meaning you can keep your home comfortable while keeping your energy costs down.

Second, a tune-up can help prevent repair bills. This is because our service technicians are performing a thorough inspection of your furnace. They will be able to spot problems and fix them before they become worse. Unfixed problems can reduce your furnace’s efficiency and performance, and eventually cause breakdowns that necessitate service calls.

Third, many furnace manufacturers require regular professional maintenance in their warranties. Our tune-ups can help keep your manufacturer’s warranty in effect.

We also help you avoid unneeded service calls with our troubleshooting tips that you can do before you call us, giving you a chance to get your furnace working again on your own. If you have a no-heat emergency, we offer 24/7 emergency service.

Has your furnace had its annual maintenance tune-up? No? It’s not too late! Contact us now to schedule it so you have peace of mind for the rest of the winter.