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Propane & Heating Oil: Part America’s Energy Solution

Written on: January 24, 2022

eco-friendly heating new hampshireContinued focus on the effects of climate change and our energy future is a topic we can’t ignore. Modern propane and heating oil heating systems are incredibly efficient and have an improved environmental impact, even when compared to electricity and other renewable options. 

Best Heating Fuel for the Job

Have you ever tried to boil a large pot of water with an electric stove? Alternative heating options like heat pumps and electric water heaters aren’t always capable of keep up during extreme weather, which is why many people who have alternative electric heating systems also have backup oil or propane systems. Propane and heating oil are simply the most efficient fuels for heating homes in New England, specifically Concord, New Hampshire. Each pack a dense punch of BTUs (British Therma Units) that generate enough on-demand heat to keep up with the nastiest of winter arctic blasts. 

Propane and Heating Oil Are Born to Heat

We can’t blame electricity; it wasn’t born to heat like propane and heating oil. Electricity needs to be generated by primary energy, like wind, sun, water, oil, gas and coal. Currently, oil and gas generate more than 60% of our electricity by generating heat to turn massive electricity generating turbines. It makes a lot of sense to use electricity to power things like your cell phones and LED light bulbs, but it also makes sense to let propane and heating oil produce heat for your home. 

The Advantages of Propane

Propane is an alternative fuel under the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy. The propane industry is working toward making propane even greener. One way it’s doing that is by developing renewable propane, which is molecularly identical to propane and made from sources like animal oils, plant oils, biomass, and other sustainable triglycerides.

Propane may also be used in various home appliances for even more energy efficiency, further lowering your carbon footprint. Propane water heaters can heat more water faster and 30% lower cost than electric ones. Propane clothes dryers can dry your clothing about 25% faster than similar electric dryers.

Propane is more reliable than electricity in several ways. Your propane tank at home stores the gas. With dependable propane delivery from Johnny Prescott, you can sleep well knowing your home will always have the energy it needs. With electricity, you’re often at the mercy of the electric grid. If you lose electric heat during a storm and can’t keep your home warm, you’re at risk of frozen and burst pipes.

Propane is very diverse. You can add even more energy security to your home with a propane whole-house back generator. You’ll be able to keep the lights on, food at a safe temperature in the fridge and freezer, operate and charge electronics, run your sump pump, power your home security system, and more.

Invention and Innovation in Heating and Energy

The history of our heat and energy usage in America is fascinating. Propane was first invented in 1910 and didn’t start coming into homes until the 1930s, and heating oil and oil-fired burners didn’t begin to get popular until the 1920s. Before these two fuels, we used coal and wood. Thomas Edison was finally able to produce a reliable light bulb in 1879. So here we are in the year 2022, and to think, not even 150 years ago, we were heating our homes with wood and using candles to see at night. But like all technological innovations, it does not stand still very long. Every year we get better at using our fuels – and in time, some fuels fade away. Things like improved refining methods, modern house insulation, intelligent sensors and controls, improved burner chamber, and burner designs have made massive improvements to how every spray of fuel oil or wisp of propane gas converts into heat or energy better than the last. We aren’t burning fuel the same way grandma and grandpa did, which is why when you burn heating oil and propane today, you’re not part of the problem.

You’re part of America’s Heat and Energy Solution!

Enjoy comfort and security with propane and heating oil for your home. Become a Johnny Prescott customer!