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Don’t Put Off Your Heating System Tune-up!

Written on: September 12, 2022

Protect yourself from higher energy costs

heating service new hampshireIt seems every time we turn around, something is taking a bigger bite out of our wallets this year. We felt the pain at the pump when we filled our cars’ gas tanks. At the grocery store, we watched the price of everything creep up. Clothing, household essentials, and so many other things became more expensive.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us are looking toward the coming winter with dread, especially since it is forecast to be colder than normal.

We have no idea where energy costs will go this coming winter. At Johnny Prescott, we help our customers keep their heating costs under control in multiple ways. One way is with pricing and payment options for heating oil and propane.

Another way is with expert furnace and boiler maintenance by our team of skilled and experienced service technicians. Now is the ideal time to schedule your heating system’s annual maintenance tune-up. Because most people put this off until later in the fall, our schedule is more open so we can do your tune-up sooner and at a time that is more convenient for you. No matter when the first cold snap hits, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your boiler or furnace is ready to go.

But that’s not the only reason to schedule your tune-up now. Regular professional maintenance of your heating system can help you save money, something we could all use right now.

Why a heating system tune-up is good

These are the four benefits you receive when opting for a professional furnace or boiler tune-up every year.

Improve energy efficiency. Maintaining your heating system appropriately will allow it to operate at its peak efficiency. This energy efficiency may help you save 10% or more on your heating expenses. Because heating frequently makes up half of a household’s energy spending in winter, the improved efficiency a tune-up provides could save you a nice amount of money!

Prevent breakdowns. There’s a reason they call it “preventative maintenance.” If your heating system is not maintained on a regular basis, it may cost you money. Four out of five heating system repairs may have been avoided if the systems had been professionally and regularly maintained. By having our skilled, experienced service technicians do a tune-up on your furnace or boiler, not only will it run more smoothly, but our service technicians will also have the opportunity to inspect it closely. This gives them the opportunity to detect potential problems and fix them before they develop into bigger problems that could lead to a breakdown and potentially costly repairs.

Protect your boiler or furnace. Heating systems that are properly maintained have a longer life expectancy than those that are not. You won’t have to replace your furnace or boiler as often, giving you a greater return on your investment.

Keep the warranty in effect. Most manufacturers require that your heating equipment be serviced by a professional once a year to keep its warranty intact. If you don’t get the servicing, you risk being held responsible for big repair bills later because your warranty will have been voided.

Cross an item off your fall to-do list and contact Johnny Prescott today to schedule your annual heating system’s annual maintenance tune-up!