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Do Gas Water Heaters Use Electricity?

Written on: July 3, 2023

Upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater from Johnny Prescott

water heater service concord, nh Summer means all sorts of fun, from cookouts to beach vacations. It also means summer thunderstorms and other bad weather that can knock out the power in your home.

You may be wondering about the impact of power outages on your home’s water heater, as you don’t know whether it also relies on electricity to run.

If you want to make sure that your home always has power for your water heater and other appliances, Johnny Prescott also does gas line hook-ups for propane whole-house standby generators.

What kind of gas water heater do you have?

This will probably determine whether your water heater will work if there’s no electricity.

If you own a gas hot water heater with a non-electrical pilot light, it will likely still work during a power outage. The pilot light is always burning and will immediately ignite the burner when hot water is needed. Although the pilot light is not designed to go out, it might do so when it runs out of fuel. Nevertheless, during a power outage, this is not a problem.

Standing pilot light models can ignite the gas burners of your water heater without any need for electricity. However, water heating units with electric-controlled ignition require a small amount of electricity to ignite their burners. Without access to power, these units will be unable to heat water.

The ignition systems, namely intermittent pilot ignition and hot surface ignition (HSI), are more energy-efficient compared to standing pilot lights since they do not need to stay on all the time.

When you’re getting a new water heater, make sure to inform us if your household experiences frequent power outages. This will help us determine which water heater is right for your home.

What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

You ditch the tank but gain a lot when you install a propane tankless water heater! With a tankless water heater, you get outstanding water heating with dramatically lower energy costs. But that’s only the beginning of the advantages a propane tankless water heater offers.

Endless hot water – If you like long, hot showers, you’ll never need to worry about running out of hot water. A tankless water heater gives you all the hot water you want for as long as you want it! You can also use hot water for multiple things at the same time, like running a hot bath while the dishwasher or washing machine is in use.

Size – You can store these water heaters, which are about the size of a suitcase, in a closet, utility room, or laundry room. This frees up floor space in your home.

Security – Since there is no tank, there is no need to be concerned about tank failure or potential damage caused by tank leaks.

Longevity – A tankless water heater has a lifespan of more than 20 years, which is at least twice as long as a storage tank water heater. Even though tankless water heaters cost more, you more than recoup that extra expense between the longer life expectancy and the big savings on energy costs.

With a new, energy efficient water heater installed and serviced by Johnny Prescott, you can enjoy superior comfort while cutting your energy costs! Contact us today to get started.