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Looking for A Commercial Heating Oil Company?

Written on: January 4, 2023

You can count on Johnny Prescott for your commercial heating oil needs!

commercial oil delivery new hampshire Businesses select heating oil for a vast array of reasons, yet one of the primary ones is its impact on their finances. Choosing and installing an oil-powered system can save up to 25% compared to natural gas furnaces or boilers, making it a smart investment that any business should take advantage of.

Let Johnny Prescott help your New Hampshire business reap the advantages of commercial heating oil. Our responsive, local team understands precisely what it takes to keep your company running efficiently and offers personalized services that you can trust. We are here to provide you with dependable delivery solutions!

Our commercial fuels specialists will assess your business and the area you need heated, and then craft a custom delivery schedule for commercial heating oil that is also adjustable.

Other advantages of commercial heating oil

Oil-fired heating systems are the ideal energy source for any business. Not only can they rapidly heat your area, but their durability and high efficiencies (95% or higher) also guarantee that virtually every penny spent on heating oil is going towards heating instead of being lost through combustion. Additionally, these furnaces and boilers are straightforward and simple to maintain and repair – making them a no-brainer when choosing an efficient and cost-effective heating solution!

Not only do oil-fired furnaces and boilers boast high levels of efficiency, but they also have an impressive lifespan with the proper upkeep — up to 30 years! Contrastingly, natural gas-fired furnaces and boilers will likely not last longer than 11 or 14 years.

If you’re looking for a reliable heating solution for large spaces such as factories, warehouses, retail stores or distribution centers then using heating oil is your best bet since it can save you lots of money in the long run.

Commercial diesel services

There are so many Concord-area businesses, municipalities, school districts, and institutions that rely on diesel fuels to get jobs done and keep facilities functioning, including:

Diesel doesn’t just power cars and trucks. It can also power heavy equipment such as backhoes, pavers, excavators, bucket loaders, earthmovers, cranes, bulldozers, and more. It also runs municipal and school vehicles such as shuttles, school buses, snowplows, and first responder vehicles.

Diesel also powers large commercial generators for hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities so lights stay on, and essential medical equipment has power.

Johnny Prescott also provides customized diesel fuel services with our team of licensed, skilled, and experienced delivery drivers. We provide customized bulk or skid delivery of both on-road and off-road diesel fuels and can set up storage tanks and pumps at your site.

Get the reliable commercial heating oil and diesel services your business can trust! Contact Johnny Prescott today to set up a consultation.