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How to Handle & Prevent Carbon Monoxide Problems

Written on: August 23, 2021

carbon monoxide new hampshireIf you have any equipment that burns fuel in your New Hampshire home, it emits at least some carbon monoxide (CO) as it runs; if your equipment is working correctly, and your home is properly vented, that carbon monoxide will never pose a problem.

However, if carbon monoxide is allowed to accumulate in your home, it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning – a dangerous and possibly deadly threat.

Carbon Monoxide 101

Here’s what you need to know about CO, including its dangers, and how to prevent them.

Four Keys To Avoiding Co Problems

  1. Maintain fuel-burning appliances every year
  2. Repair or replace poorly functioning appliances immediately
  3. Install CO detectors throughout your home, following the manufacturer’s instructions for placement, testing, and maintenance.
  4. Monitor all exhaust vents, especially after snowfall; if snow blogs an exhaust vent, dangerous gases could accumulate in your home.
  5. Study the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning, and teach your family what to do if they experience them.

At Johnny Prescott Heating Oil & Propane, your safety is always our top priority! If you have any questions about carbon monoxide safety, or believe that any of your appliances require expert heating equipment repair in the Greater Concord area, contact us today!