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Budget Plans Are Beneficial in Times Like This

Written on: April 4, 2022

Take control of your fuel costs with Johnny Prescott

At this time, fuel costs are causing a great deal of anxiety. At Johnny Prescott, we’re aware how distressing this is for our customers, and we’re concerned as well.

Times like this are why we developed pricing and payment options for propane and heating oil like our Budget Plan years ago. Instead of you being hit with three or four large heating oil or propane bills next winter, we distribute your total fuel costs evenly over the year with our Budget Plan. If you have other large payments due, such as holiday costs or a tax payment, you won’t have to worry about your propane or heating oil delivery coming when it’s time to pay those other bills.

Another advantage of using our Budget Plan is that you won’t have to pay extra to be a part of it. You will not be charged anything for enrollment in this program!

Our Budget Plan offers a lot of benefits

Why is the Budget Plan so popular among Johnny Prescott customers? Here are six reasons why. 

  1. You don’t use more heating oil or propane than you normally would.
  2. We only charge you for the propane or heating oil you actually get at market price on the day of your delivery.
  3. Your heating oil or propane bills are more predictable and manageable at a time when fuel costs are fluctuating rapidly.
  4. You will have more money on hand during the winter.
  5. Even if it’s really cold one month and you need two propane deliveries, you still only pay your one monthly payment.
  6. You’ll never have to pay finance charges even if your account balance increases.

We create a custom Budget Plan for you

Our first step is to calculate how much propane or heating oil you’ve used in the past to make an accurate prediction of how much you will use in the coming year.

We use this year’s anticipated price per gallon to calculate your yearly heating oil or propane cost. This amount is broken down into 11 smaller, more manageable monthly payments. If your actual expenses differ from our predictions in any respect, we’ll make appropriate adjustments as needed.

Using the Johnny Prescott Budget Plan can cut your winter heating bills in half … or more!

Johnny Prescott is committed to helping our customers

We take pleasure in providing you with the most affordable propane and heating oil costs while also assuring dependable delivery and service so that your family is safe, warm, and comfortable.

Many of you have been customers for a long time. It’s vexing to be forced to charge you so much for your heating oil or propane. Unfortunately, our suppliers’ expenses restrict our choices. Please know we’ll do everything we can to keep your fuel costs as low as possible during these trying times.
We value your trust in us, and we’ll continue to offer the finest service possible for your family, regardless of what happens with fuel costs.

If you are facing difficulties in paying your Johnny Prescott bill, don’t wait until you fall behind to reach out. Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.