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Our Budget Plan Spreads Out Your Fuel Costs

Written on: July 18, 2022

Get better control over your propane & heating oil costs

fuel budget plan new hampshireWhat with rising costs for gasoline, higher prices at the grocery store, and back-to-school shopping looming, many of us here in Greater Concord are looking for ways to stabilize and better control our household spending.

Johnny Prescott offers many solutions when it comes to managing your propane and heating oil expenses. One of those options is our Budget Plans, where we take your heating oil and propane costs and break them up into 11 equal, more affordable monthly installments.

Why enroll in the budget plan? It provides you with stable monthly payments instead of your fuel bills yo-yo-ing up and down throughout the year. Instead of paying for most of your fuel in just four or five months, you get the smaller bill over the course of the plan. You can effectively cut your winter heating costs in half!

Best of all, the Johnny Prescott Budget Plans are available at NO additional costs and NO hidden fees. You can enjoy the benefits of a Budget plan for free!

Enrollment is our Budget Plans is going on now and it’s a limited enrollment period so act fast to take advantage of this opportunity.

How do Johnny Prescott Budget Plans work?

We begin by using your propane or heating oil usage history over recent years. That data helps us come up with an estimate of what your next year’s usage will be. That figure is divided by 11 and we use current propane pricing to come up with how much your monthly installment will be.

As we said, this is an estimate. Depending on the weather, your heating oil or propane usage could change. Fuel pricing could go up or down over the course of the heating season, which is a reason why our Price Cap option is also popular with our customers.

These variables are why, at the end of your Budget Plan period, you may end up with a balance due or a credit on your account.

Now is the time to take the opportunity to have more control of your propane and heating oil costs. Contact us today to enroll in our Budget Plan and find out more about our other pricing and payment options!