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Watch out for hidden oil and propane delivery feesThere are situations when delivery fees are appropriate but not on every delivery. This is why you should know some companies in the Concord, NH area are compensating a little extra-low price per gallon by tossing in an extra “delivery charge” on every delivery, no matter what, even if you’re on automatic delivery. Some of these fees are close to $11.50 per delivery. The marketing logic is that customers will shop for low prices but then tolerate fees. We’ve done the research and many of these fees are going to start popping up on bills in October 2021, right when it starts to get cold. Now if this doesn’t say, “We care about our customers”, we don’t know what does. If you’re looking for a company that prides itself on a high level of customer service and transparency, give Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane a call today! At the very least, don’t forget to ask about delivery fees when you’re figuring out if we’re the right company for you.

Currently, our home heating oil cash price is $3.799 and that includes free delivery.