Johnny Prescott Oil & Propane Company was started in 1940 by Johnny and Ernestine Prescott and for three generations, has been keeping Concord and surrounding towns warm. Built on a foundation of superior customer service and a never-settling, can-do attitude, Johnny Prescott Oil customers trust us to treat them best when servicing their heating needs.

Our history is runs deep in the Concord area and some people find it interesting that prior to heating fuel; we were in the business of supplying drinking water to the Heights region of Concord. We might not be as romantic as a Main Street candy store, tavern or jeweler – the kind of place that makes you want to go back to the “good ole days”.  But as a company whose customer’s grade success on not needing you, our story is a little different. Our history has been about heating up cold spaces so that a family can celebrate a holiday, shoppe keepers can keep working, a newborn can sleep peacefully or a parent can take the chill off after working in the cold all day.  In our minds, all those little benefits of having a high quality heating company add up to a little part of Concord, NH history and a service you can still enjoy TODAY!

We are a third generation heating Oil and Propane Company deeply rooted in the community. Our approach to business continues to be doing the right thing for our customers the first time. We look after our customers heating needs so that more families can stay warm, businesses can heat their work spaces, trucks can have diesel fuel and our history can continue to grow deeper together.

Johnny Prescott customers can count on long term benefits from our years of experience. In 2007, we added propane to our fuel and support offerings so please let us know if we can help you with propane and as always, anything else heating related.